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Article # 96
Masonic Invasion by French Masons

Author: Webmaster    Posted on: Saturday, April 24, 2004
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Masonic Invasion by French Masons ?

 The President of the Board of General Purposes of the United Grand Lodge of England, while moving for the adoption of the report of the Board at the Quarterly Grand Lodge meeting on March 10 th, referred to reports that the Grand Lodge of  France was making arrangements to consecrate a Lodge in London. The United Grand Lodge of  England, has not recognized The Grand Lodge of France and considers the latter as irregular.

 The President observed that "the action represents a complete disregard for the principles of territorial sovereignty, which are observed by all regular Grand Lodges around the world, but which are often breached by irregular Grand Lodges. Clearly there must be no contact with this Lodge, if it should be formed. All members of our jurisdiction should be on guard, therefore, to ensure that no member of this irregular Lodge is permitted to visit any of our Lodges and any instance of that happening should be reported to the Grand Secretary at once."

Very recently Grand Lodge of France has consecrated in London, a  Lodge  known  as  “The White Swan". That Lodge is to work the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Ritual, which is not being worked in England now. The new Lodge is said to have 12 members, who are all French Nationals resident in London.

Several far reaching consequences are likely to flow from this consecration. Perhaps a rethinking is called for in the light of Human Rights Jurisprudence and our own well cherished Masonic tenets.





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Seixas wrote on Saturday, April 24, 2004:

Subject: French Invasion

France and England have a long history of disputes amongst their nationals. Nevertheless, after the terrible experiences of World War II, it seems that these obstacles have been removed. I understand that with a little bit of understanding and diplomacy, these undesirable moves of our french brethren can be also worked out.

MikeSegall wrote on Saturday, April 24, 2004:

Subject: Invasion?

I personally think that the UGLE "invasion" episode is far more ridiculous than bothersome, particularly since it demonstrates either extreme ignorance or extreme disingenuousness. It is interesting that the UGLE does not appear to notice that it is "invaded" by at least two friendly Grand Lodges too... The Grand Lodge of Ireland and the PHA Grand Lodge of Maryland. As a matter of fact, if the regimental lodge "the Sherwood Foresters" belonging to the Grand Lodge of Ireland could be thought of as a quaint inheritance of pre-union times, the MWPHGL of Maryland, a newcomer, already has a whole District (five lodges) in England... See, "Constituent Lodges" and then "District 13"... Not to mention that UGLE seems wholly unimpressed at being "invaded" by the co-Masonic International Federation of the Droit Humain or its own quite powerful and thus recently coddled Women's Masonry. Not to mention that the UGLE has recurrently and systematically invaded other countries, as for instance when it has set up the GLNF in France where regular Masonry had already existed for centuries. Funny indeed why the one lodge of the Grand Lodge of France is alone to itch the UGLE so much that it has to scratch in public... Fraternally, Mike Segall l'Étoile #1001, GLdF, Paris, France

Ralph wrote on Tuesday, December 14, 2004:

Subject: Masonic invasion by French Masons

Bro. Mike, Are those lodges not on "sovereign" territory? Those lodges are on "military" installations, just like the many others lodges in Western Europe and the Far East. The GL of France setting up lodges on English soil is not like the same scenario afforded to the military lodges of Prince Hall Freemasonry. I am a product of a military lodge that was in Italy ...

Ralph wrote on Monday, December 20, 2004:

Subject: Invasion of England by the GL of France

My Good Brother Mike Segall, YOu cannot compare your situation to Prince Hall Masonry's position. Those military lodges are on "sovereign" territory. Just as the military lodges in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Kuwait and also the Far East. Different scenario my brother. France setting up lodges in England would not be considered "sovereign" territory. I just joined over the this past weekend. If this is a dead issue, then I apologize, but the truth should be known....

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