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Article # 95
An Elegy to W.Bro. G.S.

Author: W.Bro. R.Ramachandran P.S.R.G.W    Posted on: Saturday, April 17, 2004
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to W.Bro. G.Subramaniam.

You, whose exit wraps in boundless woe,
For Thee the tears of various Masons flow :
For Thee the floods of virtuous sorrows rise
From the full heart and burst from streaming eyes,
Far from our view to Heaven's eternal height,
The Seat of bliss divine and glory bright ;
Far from the restless turbulence of life,
The war of factions, and impassion'd strife

From every ill mortality  endur'd,
Safe in Celestial Lodge secur'd.

The Lodge  mourns the afflicting Hand divine
That now forbids thy radiant lamp to shine,

Which, like the sun, resplendent source of light
Diffus'd its beams, and chear'd our gloom of night.
What  heartfelt sorrow in each brotherís breast
With keen sensation rends the heart distress'd !

Fraternal  love sustains a tenderer part,
And  mourns a Brother with a Brotherís heart.

The  Lodge laments her Past Master fled
To the cold mansions of the silent dead.
There hush'd forever, cease the heavenly strain,
That wak'd the soul, but here resounds in vain.
Still live thy merits, where thy name is known,
As the sweet Rose, its blooming beauty gone
Retains its fragrance with a long perfume :
Thus G.S,  thy death-less name shall bloom
Unfading, in the Lodge and countryís love,
While Winter frowns, or spring renews the grove.

The hapless Muse, her loss in him mourns,
And as she sits, she writes, and weeps, by turns ;
A brother sincere, whose mild indulgent grace
Encourag'd oft, and oft approv'd her lays.

With all their charms, terrestrial objects strove,
But vain their pleasures to attract his love.
Such G.S was -- -at Heaven's high call he flies ;
His talk well finish'd,  to his native skies.
Yet to his fate reluctant we resign,
Tho' our's  to copy conduct such as thine :
Such was thy wish, th' observant Muse survey'd
Thy latest breath, and this advice convey'd.


(Sorrowing  W.Bro. R.Ramachandran).


The author W.Bro. R.Ramachandran is an upcoming Masonic Scholar. He is a PM of Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge (No.150) and a P.Z of Chapter Sri Brahadeeswara. He has contributed articles to this website and has presented many papers in Masonic Seminars. He has poured out his heart in this Elegy to the distinguished Brother G.S, with whose family he has been connected from his childhood days. He composed the Elegy and recited the same at the Memorial Service held to honour the memory of W.Bro.G.Subramaniam.

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