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Article # 86
A distinguished Mason honoured

Author: R.W.Bro. R.Ratnaswami    Posted on: Friday, April 2, 2004
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A distinguished Masonic Scholar and a senior and venerable Freemason and the recipient of the award of Order of Service to Masonry was honoured on March 27 th in the Freemasons Hall, Madurai at an elite gathering of equally distinguished brethren from all over India by the presentation 50 Years Long Term Service Jewel. R.W.Bro. V.Rajendran P.Dy.G.M of the Grand Lodge of India had completed 50 years of uninterrupted membership in the ancient Lodge Pandian situate in Madurai, the second largest city in the Southern State of Tamilnadu. He hails from a distinguished family of Industrialists and Businessmen, most of whom had been and many are still dedicated freemasons. He was initiated in 1954. His grand father W.Bro.Ar.A.Shenbaga Nadar, a dedicated Past Master performed the ceremony of initiation. His father W.Bro.P.V.P.Valasubramania Nadar was also a distinguished member of the Lodge. His uncles R.W.Bro. Rajasabhai and R.W.Bro.K.A.M.A.K.Kaliappa Nadar were the highly respected Freemasons in the country. The former was the R.W.Regional Grand Master and was the recipient of the Order of Service to Masonry, the highest award in India. All of them had been held in high regard and brethren looked up to them for guidance, advice and support. R.W.Bro. Rajendran after holding several ranks was appointed in 1987 as the R.W.Regional Grand Master of the Southern Region of the Grand Lodge of India and he held that office with dignity till the full term of 3 years. He held various offices in the Grand Lodge.The highest award of Order of Service to Masonry was conferred on him in 1990 and ultimately he was appointed as the active Dy. Grand Master in 1992 M.W.Grand Master with a distinguished deputation of two Past.M.W.G.Ms, ten R.W. Past Dy.G.Ms, active R.W.A.G.M and ten R.W.Past A.G.Ms and numerous V.W. and W.Brethren was received in due form and saluted. Earlier R.W.Regional Grand Master, with his deputation of W.Dy. R.G.M, four W.A.R.G.Ms and senior R.G.L officers were received in due form and saluted. The meeting was a joint meeting of Lodge Pandian(No.42) Lodge Rajasabhai (No.212) Lodge Kodaikanal (No.235) Lodge Meenakshi (No.249) of which he is a Founder of the latter three. At the request of the W.M of Lodge Pandian R.W. Regional Grand Master took the Eastern Chair and conducted the ceremony of the presentation of the 50 Years Long Term Service Jewel. The actual presentation was made by the M.W.Grand Master M.W. Bro. Arun Chinthopanth O.S.M.. M.W.Grand Master, R.W.R.G.Master and the ruling W.Ms of the four Lodges felicitated R.W.Bro. V.Rajendran. The distinguished speakers referred to his various qualities. Mention was made about his dedication to Masonic research, Ritual working, administrative abilities, his erudition in Masonic literature, history and Symbolism and his exuding brotherly love to all including the recent initiates. He has published a book of Selected Essays on Masonry. He has donated to the Lodge Library all his collections of Masonic writings. The meeting was unique in several aspects and the galaxy of six recipients of the Order of Service to Masonry, three M.W. Brethren, two ruling R.W.Regional Grand Masters, numerous R.W., V.W. Brethren, besides W.Brethren from most of the States had added luster and is a pointer to the great regard and esteem in which R.W.Bro. V.Rajendran is held throughout India and also overseas. A book entitled “Reflections” about him was released at the meeting. Extracts from that book will be posted after obtaining permission from him. We are praying to the Most High to bless him with several more decades of good health, longevity and all prosperity and may He make him still more respectable in life, still more useful to mankind and the brightest jewel of our great Fraternity and continue to guide the fraternity.

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kandade wrote on Saturday, April 3, 2004:

Subject: A distinguished Mason honoured

WOW. is all that i can say with my humility as compared to this great Brother. I join the Webmaster's prayer to bless this distinguished Brother with Long, healthy and active life so that we may draw inspiration from him

G_N_Singhal wrote on Thursday, October 19, 2006:

Subject: Salutation !

The article starts without mentioning the name of the Brother honoured, though it is clear that it is about R.W.Bro. V. Rajendran. He rightfully deserves the love, affection and respect from all of us ! May he live long to guide freemasons. Amen!

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