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Article # 85
Lodge Om Vigneswara (No.218)-Installation

Author: R.Ratnaswami    Posted on: Sunday, March 21, 2004
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W.Bro. Mahendra N.Jogani, installed his successor W.Bro.Bharat Venkat Epur on March19 th as the W.M of Lodge Om.Vigneswara (No.218) for the year 2004-2005 in a large gathering of distinguished Masons. W.Assistant Regional Grand Master, W.Bro.B.Kamakoti represented the R.W.Regional Grand Master of the Southern Region of the Grand Lodge of India. R.W.Bro. M. Prabhat Kumar, the W.Deputy Regional Grand Master and R.W.Bro. R.Ratnaswami Past Deputy Grand Master and numerous Past Assistant Regional Grand Masters besides senior officers graced the occasion. At the request of W.Bro.M.N.Jogani, W.Bro.T.P.Mohanakrishnan took the Eastern Chair and conducted the Installation Ceremony in his own inimitable style and it was a treat for all the 150 brethren present, out of whom about 110 were Installed Masters. Lodge Om Vigeneswara was consecrated on February 5 th 1974 and it has developed a perfect ritual working system. Its charitable projects have been noteworthy. The following are a few from the lengthy list of the projects completed and are also ongoing. • Feeding 100 poor children at the Indian Council for Child Welfare on 4-9-2003. • Feeding 140 blind and 120 Deaf Children in Little Flower Convent on 2-10-2003 • Meeting the expenses for 7 days of the Medical Centre run by Madras Masonic Charitable Trust at Anna Nagar • Feeding 100 children in Indian Council for Child Welfare on 2-1-2004. • Meeting a portion of the expenses for the Open Heart Surgery of a baby. • Assisting the family of a deceased brother by contribution of Rs.10000. • Donation of Rs.15,001 to Madras Masonic Charitable trust. • Donation of Rs.10000 to Masonic Foundation. • Donation of Rs.5000 to Lodge Veeraswami Charitable Trust. To commemorate his successful ruling of the Lodge during the year 2003 - 2004, W.Bro.M.N.Jogani announced a donation of Rs.3500-00 (Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred Only) every year till his life time, to meet the medical expenses of seven days ( on his, his wife’s and 5 daughters’ birthdays) in a year at the Masonic Medical Centre, Anna Nagar, Chennai. W.Bro.Bharat V.Epur donated a computer to the Chennai Masonic Charitable Trust and a sum of Rs.1500 per annum to the Madras Masonic Charitable Trust. W.Bro.A.Suryanarayana Rao, a senior P.M of the Lodge has in his individual capacity donated Rs.20.000 to Lodge Mahamaham towards the construction of the Masonic Temple of that Lodge in Kumbakonam. We wish the newly installed W.M and his team of officers a successful year of office.

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ramanathan wrote on Thursday, April 8, 2004:

Subject: congratulations

From the lucid description of the ceremony, I can visualise how grand the installation ceremony would have gone off As a past master of Lodge Brihadeeswara, where my immense attachment is, I can feel how the Lodge could be proud of their activities. On the part of Lodge Brihadeesawara, I am witness to the fact that it has grown, under the dynamic and tireless efforts of R.W.Bro Ratnaswami, from nothing to what it is to day - it is today - to quote the advertisement of ONIDA TV - owner's pride neighbour's envy. I hope I will have an opportunity to visit soon the Ldoge Vigneswara, in the meanwhile, my heartiest congratulations to the newly installed W.M. and all of his officers r.k.ramanathan, IPM, Lodge Brihadeeswara, IPM Lodge Golden Pagod

jyothindra wrote on Saturday, April 10, 2004:

Subject: Congratulations

Best wishes to W.Bro.Bharat and his team for a wonderful Masonic year Dr.Jyothy, LAP 280, Tvpm

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