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Article # 83
An Unique Installation

Author: R.Ratnaswami    Posted on: Sunday, March 14, 2004
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We are happy to report about a very significant, noteworthy and unique recent Installation meeting on March 11 2004 of Lodge Mount Charity No232. Lodge has been consecrated on 6-1-1978.

The meeting was unique because a great Senior Past Master of that Lodge installed his worthy son as the W.M of the Lodge for the year 2004. W.Bro. Prem Behl. P.G.Stew., P.R.G.D of C installed his son Pershant Behl in a largely attended meeting. There were about 138 brethren in attendance, out of which about 100 were Past and Ruling Masters.

W.Bro. Prem is a brother held in high esteem in the Southern Region. His popularity had attracted such a large gathering of brethren from the various Lodges. The head of the Southern Region namely R.W.Bro.Dr.B.Biswakumar, the R.W.Regional Grand Master along with his W. Deputy and W.Assistant Regional Grand Masters, graced the meeting. Numerous R.W., V.W.,W. brethren were also in attendance.

W.Bro. Prem installed his son in a very impressive ceremony. The son after his installation invested his officers in an equally impressive manner. It is very rarely such an unique event of the father installing his son occurs in the Lodge.

The gathering was great, ritual was of a high order and the fellowship and banquet were superb. W.Bro. Pershant Behl, who had the benefit of the spontaneous wishes and blessings of the brethren present, had commenced his mastership on an auspicious occasion and with high expectation. We are invoking the blessings of the G.A.O.T.U for his highly successful year of office. May the Most High be with him and guide him.

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russello wrote on Sunday, March 14, 2004:

Subject: Article 83

This would have been a wonderful event to have witnessed. Don R

kandade wrote on Sunday, March 14, 2004:

Subject: Unique Installation

WOW!!! is my response. Also I wish I was there to enjoy this unique conglomeration of galaxy of brotherhood. Wishing the newly installed WM and his brethren a more than successfull masonic term Regards and fraternal greetings Raghu Kandade

Narayanan wrote on Monday, March 15, 2004:

Subject: Installation

At my installation as WM of my mother Lodge, Lodge Morland No. 25, Hyderabad, held on January 22, 2004, there were about 170 brethren present - 100 past and ruling masters, and about 70 EAs, FCs and MMs. My predecessor W.Bro. A. Srinivas installed me in the Eastern Chair in a very impressive manner. This perhaps was the largest gathering in Hyderabad for an installation. W.Bro. V.L. Narayanan, WM-Lodge Morland No. 25, Hyderabad

Kuruvilla wrote on Wednesday, July 7, 2004:

Subject: Sons

If all freemasons can ensure that their sons and sons-in-law join the craft, the problem of membership growth faced by many GLs will be automatically solved. This is obviously not happening. If we are unable to persuade our own children to join the Craft how can we persuade anyone else? T.T.Kuruvilla, PM Lodge Kottayam No.245

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