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Article # 72
The Masonic Ring

Author: Unknown    Posted on: Sunday, June 22, 2003
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Many of us are wearing Masonic Rings

Many of us are wearing Masonic Rings, with the Square and Compasses set in the yellow metal, with legitimate pride. In fact, such rings are symbolic of the Masonic tenets and they proclaim, that the wearer is a Freemason, who has been enjoined, that by virtuous, amiable and discreet conduct, he has to prove to the world the happy and beneficial effects of our ancient institution. Ritual teaches us that brotherly love and affection should ever distinguish us as men and as Freemasons. We have all undertaken that our feet shall travel through dangers and difficulties to unite with that of another brother in distress so as to form a column of mutual defence and support and that our daily supplications shall remind us of his wants and our hearts should be disposed to succour his weakness and relieve his necessities. This beautiful poem depicts as to how the brethren ran to the rescue of another ailing brother and his family. That noble trait should be uppermost in all our hearts, so that, the world may know that we are the ones to whom the burdened heart may pour forth its sorrow and whose hearts are expanded by benevolence and that the hands that wear a Masonic Ring are the hands that help. Successive generations should long to wear the same and be worthy of it. Please read on……]

The Masonic Ring

Those men who help my dad each day,
They wear those mason rings.
A Square and Compass set in gold,
The praise of which I sing.

My dad, he hurt his back you know,
One cold and wintery day.
He slipped and fell upon the ice,
The insurance would not pay.

And since that time those rings I see,
On hands that help us much.
With mowing lawns and hauling trash,
Each day my heart they touch.

They even built a house for me,
Amid our backyard tree.
Where all the neighbor kids,
Would play with laughter full of glee.

My Mom she cried from happiness,
The time the Masons came.
To aid our family in distress,
Without a thought of gain.

And when I'm big, just like my dad,
Of this it must be told.
I want to wear a ring like his,
A Square and Compass gold.

Long years have passed since when
My dad was in that plaster cast.
And since I swore that Solemn Oath,
Which unites us to the last.

But more than that I'm proud to say,
I wear his Mason ring.
The one dad wore for many years,
Until his death this spring.

And one last time his comrades came,
To aid my weeping mother.
They praised and bid a fond farewell,
To our fallen Brother.

And after which MY son did ask,
About their Aprons white.
And of the rings upon their hands.
Of gold so shiny bright.

With tearful eyes I said with pride,
They're men of spirit pure.
Those men who wear those Mason rings,
Of that you can be sure.

And before he went to bed that night,
The family he foretold.
Someday I'll wear a ring like dad's,
A Square and Compass gold.

W.Bro. Chibu Uson, PM, Capitol Lodge No. 136, Grand Lodge of Manitoba (Canada). has posted this beautiful poem in one of the Masonic Lists and he has graciously permitted us to post the same in our web site. Capital Lodge has its web site and you may visit the same in We are very thankful to him for permitting us to post this poem. Web Master.

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