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Article # 63
Relevance of W.Ts in our Daily Life

Author: Bro.B.Ramesh, Lodge Asoka.    Posted on: Tuesday, April 22, 2003
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[Lodge Asoka (No.93 of Grand Lodge of India) was consecrated on April 3 rd 1915 by the Grand Lodge of Scotland and subsequently it opted to be a Foundation Lodge under the Grand Lodge of India. It is one of the old Lodges in Chennai. That Lodge conducted an Essay Competition for the award of the W.Bro.Basantlal Bagga Prize on the Topic "Relevance of the Working Tools in our Daily Life". The entry submitted by Bro.B.Ramesh was adjudged the best in the competition for 2002-2003. We are posting the article in our site]

Relevance of the Working Tools in our Daily Life

(Bro. B. Ramesh)


Life, at best, is a fortress of faith in friendship and fraternity. If you ask a bird watcher “How is life?” he will say, “All a flutter”.  Ask this question of a sailor, he will respond “Shipshape”. A yogi will answer “Walking on air”. A newspaper editor will say “Making headlines”. Freemasons will say, “we find the relevance of our lifestyle in our working tools”.

Let us take the following working tools  in Freemasonry,

1.  The Square  2.    The Level  and  3.  The Plumb Rule

  A devoted mason deploys his tools to construct buildings of quality. We, as speculative Masons, endeavor to build society around us with exalted qualities assisted by wholehearted values such as discipline, national pride and coherent community living besides uplifting the downtrodden in every possible way. Each Masonic tool mentioned above symbolizes the significance of a laudable quality every Freemason is expected to possess, practice and proliferate for the common good.

  Firstly, the square of a mason is designed to try and adjust the rectangular corners of a building and assist in bringing crude matter into due form.  The square teaches us the valuable quality of square mindedness viz. morality. We should imbibe and infuse in the minds of fellow citizens heavenly qualities such as love, friendship, respect, truth and good sense. In the course of our making inroads into the minds of citizens, it is our bounden responsibility to clear from their minds the cobwebs of casteism, sectarianism, egoism and pessimism and shape ill-informed crude minds into cultured intellects.

  Secondly, the level of a mason is used to lay lines and prove horizontals without any undulation.  It impresses on us the need to understand the importance of equality in our treatment of our brethren in Masonry and in our daily lives. A Freemason adapts himself to the world instead of adapting the world to himself. “Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized” said Albert Einstein. This attitude will erase any mean aspect in our minds and elevate us to the highest altitude in life. This will make everyone remain calm in adversity, happy when alone and give a cool composure in dealing with others.

  Thirdly, the plumb rule is meant to try and adjust uprights while fixing them on their proper bases. We apply this principle to our morals as a rule. The plumb rule teaches us uprightness in life. It is good and necessary to be honest, true and straight in our dealings with others. Be sure that you are right and upright, then go ahead. Your path will not be zigzag. Freemasons should build a conscientious and noble society brick by brick on the strong foundation of earnestness.

  Last, but not the least, is the million dollar question looming large in everyone’s brain: How can Freemasons equip themselves to bring about a metamorphosis and reach their pinnacle of performance?  The answer is simple. It is only possible by cultivating and possessing the visual and spatial brain of a Winston Churchill, the logical and mathematical brain of an Albert Einstein, the interpersonal brain of an Abraham Lincoln and the intrapersonal brain of a Mahatma Gandhi. Or one can just implicitly follow those fine principles symbolized by our Masonic working tools and the result will be an assimilation of the excellent qualities found in those exalted intellects above mentioned.

  To conclude, the relevance of Mason’s working tools to the lifestyle of Freemasons is of immediate and immeasurable importance. Let us know ourselves first and do all the good we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can and for as long as we can. Our lives will be richer and more fulfilled.



Bro.B.Ramesh is an active member of Lodge Asoka and is a Masonic scholar in the making.

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kandade wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2003:

Subject: relevance of W.T in our lives

Simply beautifully written article. very practical and pragmatic. Hearty congrats to the worthy brother and here is wishing him great susseccess in life.

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