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Article # 5
Jacob's Pillow

Author: W. Bro.R.Srinivas P.R.G.Stew    Posted on: Tuesday, April 9, 2002
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Stone used by Jacob and later anointed and named 

Stone used by Jacob and later anointed and named Bethel

We are aware that Jacob used a rock as his pillow and dreamt of a ladder to heaven (Gen 28:10-14),which Ladder has been referred to as the Jacobs Ladder, the Symbolism of which has been explained in an earlier article. We are tracing in this article as to what had happened to that Rock..Jacob woke up after the dream and then annointed the Rock and called it Bethel ( House of God)(Gen 28:18-22)That had happened in 1935 B.C. God approved the name Bethel and Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. God reaffirmed His promises and Jacob annointed The Rock again.(Gen 35:9-15) and named the Rock the “Shepherd of Israel” and the same was taken to Egypt. Jacob later handed over the same to Joseph. The rock and all the possessions of Jacob later belonged to the Tribe of Ephraim.

Subsequently, in 1453 B.C, at the time of Exodus under Moses , The Rock was carried out of Egypt (Num 14:33) They all wandered forty years in the wilderness.Ex.17:1-6 proclaims that God stood on the Rock and Moses struck The Rock once in the presence of all those, who followed him and water flowed out of the Rock, quenching the thirst of all of them During those 40 years the Rock was carried on poles resulting in deep groove between the metal rings. After traveling through Canaan, the Rock was taken to Shechem by Joshua, who was appointed by Moses to lead Israel. It is seen from Jud 9:1-6, 1 Kings 12:1, II Kings 11:13-14, that Kings of Judah were crowned standing on or by the side of the Rock. The Rock that was a pillow became the Coronation Stone. Irish Legends inform us that the Rock would roar only when the rightful king stood on it and all imposters were exposed by the silence .An inscription on an Irish Tomb and the Irish History show that the Coronation stone was taken to Ireland in 583 B.C by Jeremiah and was thereafter used at the coronations. Nearly 1000 years later, in 500 A.D , to be more exact, the Coronation Stone was taken to Scotland by Fergus. King Edward I took the Coronation Stone to England in 1296 A.D and as per his directions a Coronation Chair was made and the Coronation Stone was placed just below the seat .

British Coronation Chair
British Coronation Chair

All the British Monarchs were and are being crowned on that chair, in which the Coronation Stone is being housed ,subsequent to 1296 A.D. The above mentioned history of Jacobs Pillow has been culled from the scriptures, inscriptions and recorded history and reveals the Gods wish of the transformation of the Pillow into a Coronation Stone.

The author was initiated, passed and raised in Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge. He is one of the past masters of the Lodge.

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