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Article # 48
Masonic Seminar

Author: Chairman, Editorial Board    Posted on: Thursday, November 28, 2002
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Masonic Seminar on " Symbolism of III degree"

Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge (No.150) Grand Lodge of India will be

conducting the Seminar on the "Symbolism of III degree" on

January 4 th 2003 in Chennai.

M.W.Bro.D.D.Udeshi, M.W.Grand Master has condescended

to inagurate the Seminar.

The following topics have been identified for the presentation

of papers.

  • Origin of the III degree.

  • History of the Ceremony of Raising

  • Hiramic Legend

  • The Mason Word

  • Variations in the Rituals

  • Symbolism of Death

  • The Three Ruffians

  • The W.Ts of a M.M

  • The T.B of the III degree

  • The Charges in the III degree

  • The teachings of the III degree

We are inviting papers from the brethren. The Editorial Board

will decide and select the papers to be presented. All the

papers received will be circulated to the participants as

resource materials. In case the author of the paper selected

for presentation is unable to attend the seminar a senior P.M

will present the paper on behalf of the author. All the papers

presented will in the first instance be posted in this site, later

followed by the other papers received, subject to the approval

of the Editorial Board. We request that papers should reach

us on or before 15-12-2002 to enable us to complete

the processing.

Papers may be sent by e mail to in word format.

All M.Ms are invited to attend the Seminar. There will be no

registration fee. We are providing for Breakfast, Lunch and

Coffee Breaks.

Seminar will be inagurated at 9 A.M.

R.W.Bro. R.Ratnaswami

Chairman, Editorial Board.

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