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Article # 45
Minimum Age for petitioning for Initiation

Author: Compiled by R.W.Bro.R.Ratnaswami    Posted on: Thursday, September 26, 2002
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The candidate for initiation shortly after he enters through the door of the Lodge

is enquired by the W.M, as to whether he is a freeman and of mature age.

W.M then demands of the candidate, whether he is a freeman and of the full age

of 21 years ( in some of the Grand Lodges including the Grand Lodge of India)

It is only after the candidate assures, that he is of the mature age, the ceremony

of Initiation continues. This full age or the mature age appears to differ from

Grand Lodge to Grand Lodge. Each Grand Lodge is autonomous and hence,

has the authority to fix the minimum age at the completion of which the

candidate becomes eligible to submit his petition for initiation into the mysteries

and privileges of Freemasonry. Some of the Grand Lodges like Grand Lodges

of Victoria (Australia), Grande Oriente Do Brazil, France, Greece, United Grand

Lodge of England, Grand Lodge of India, Grand Lodges of Scotland, Turkey,

permit sons of Masons to be initiated at the age of 18. Sons of Masons, so

initiated are known as Lewis.

The lowest age for initiation for persons, who are not sons of Masons is 18 in

the following Grand Lodges:- Arizona, Colarado, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,

Minnesota, Missisipi, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Virginia,

Washington, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Cartagena,

Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

The following Grand Lodges have fixed the minimum age at 19 for initiation.

Montana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Grand Lodges of Japan and Switzerland have the minimum age at 20.

The Grand Lodge of Greece alone has adopted the minimum age at 23.

Grand Lodges of Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden

follow the minimum age of 24.

The highest among the minimum age for initiation is 25 and the same has

been fixed by the Grand Lodges of Austria, Bahia and Santa Catarina

( in Brazil), and Honduras.

All the other Grand Lodges have adopted the minimum age of 21.

There were many queries about the minimum age for submitting petition for initiation in Masonic Lodges. Web Master has collected the necessary details from various sources. The minimum age to petition for admission is of common interest to Freemasons. Hence, this article.

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