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Article # 40
Address to the Initiate

Author: Bro.Louis Amiable    Posted on: Monday, August 26, 2002
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An Address to the Initiate

An Address to the Initiate

[Prince Murad, who later became the Sultan of Turkey was initiated on October 20 th 1872, in Lodge Le Progre's, a daughter Lodge in Grand Orient of France. It was a Lodge working in Greek language in Constantinople, but also worked in Turkish Language after obtaining special dispensation to do so. The Address to the Initiate was delivered by the Lodge Orator Bro. Louis Amiable in French. The Secretary of the Lodge Bro.Ahmed Bey delivered the Address in Turkish Language. The address in French was a beautiful Oration. English translation of the said Address is posted hereunder. Please read on ..- Moderator]

My Brother, it is with great joy, that I greet you as a brother, on your admission to this great Masonic family, which is extended on all parts of this globe, comprising of men of all races, religions and political persuasions.

Freemasons respect legitimate authority and they honour those who are eminent either by birth or because of the power with which they have been invested, but in their assembly, only brothers are recognized. They value virtue more than social rank and power. While welcoming you, I congratulate our fraternity for the valuable acquisition made this evening, of a brother, whose qualities of mind and heart distinguish him from others.

From time immemorial, societies have existed for the mutual assistance and for securing the worthy need of the establishment of ties of affection, longed by human hearts. Those societies had also the objective of the acquisition and development of higher knowledge, which can not be imparted openly to the general public. The mysteries of ancient Egypt and the ancient Greek mystery of Eleusis were such societies. Freemasonry links with such ancient mysteries and by tradition and practice perfected and perpetuated through the ages. Its general structure, its spirit and functioning however is modern. The true origin of Freemasonry might have been lost in antiquity by its ancestors. Freemasonry was reborn in the beginning of the last century, almost simultaneously in England and France, by initiating eminent men having great love of their fellowmen and a desire and devotion for progress. Noteworthy among them are Bro. Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America and Bro. Leopald, King of Belgium.

Our institution here consists of freemasons owing allegiance to the French Grand Jurisdiction and who are essentially philanthropic, philosophic and progressive and desiring moral and intellectual improvement of humanity. Our institution endeavors to make its members more virtuous and better informed, so that they can teach others as well. It recognizes that among the non masons, education of the young is vital for the progress. All men without any distinction of race, nationality or religion are regarded as our brothers. We more particularly refer those, who have seen the light of Freemasonry as brothers, because we believe that they are worthy of our affection and also because of their assurance to reciprocal sentiments, which constitute the fraternal tie.

Specially important among the teachings of freemasonry is the objective to honour and practice the law of labour, which is one of the great laws of humanity. It is not only because labour is the indispensable factor for genuine prosperity and essential for individuals in the family and in the State, but also for the reason that labour dignifies and raises and increases ones dignity. Labour, whether physical or intellectual brings respectability to the person, who completes the allotted task. It is for that reason, we describe all our activities inside the temple as labour. My brother, it is for that reason you have been invested with the insignia and emblems, which will continue to remind you of this, as you continue to advance further in Masonic instruction.

Every one of us has some task humble or important. If humble, it will bring esteem, when accomplished. Important and difficult tasks may bring forth reprimand, if efforts have not been made to complete the same. Power and grandeur are transitory and perishable. The inward satisfaction of a clear conscience is imperishable and it secures the gratitude of our fellows and further secures the approval of that Great Judge, who awaits us beyond the tomb. Whatever be the future, my brother, you will always remember and bear in mind the threefold promise. My brother, you will remember the emblems, you have discovered pointing out the fragility of human life. You will also remember and never forget the most noble aim and human ambition to leave the posterity a name, which will be both cherished and honoured.

Bro.Louis Amiable was the Orator of Lodge Le Progre's in Constantinople. This address was delivered, when Prince Murad as he then was,was initiated.

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