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Article # 37
Sad demise of M.W.Bro.Dan L Frederick

Author: Bro. Paul M. Bessel    Posted on: Monday, August 19, 2002
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New Page 1 [It is with profound sorrow, we announce that M.W.Bro. Dan L Frederick Past Grand Master of Grand Lodge of District of Columbia has ascended to the Grand Lodge Above. The Great Creator has been pleased out of His unbounded mercy, to recall and remove our M.W.Brother from the cares and troubles of this transitory existence to a state of everlasting bliss and glory. He was a brother held in very high estimation by all the brethren, particularly the brethren of Prince Hall Masonry, the recognition of which was his note worthy achievement. M.W.Brother was ailing and he was overtaken by that fate, which must sooner or later overtake us all, which neither power nor station, neither virtue nor bravery, neither wealth nor honour, neither efforts of brethren and friends nor the tears of relatives can avert and neither the barred doors nor the Tylers weapon can avert or offer any impediment. We join all the brethren, who are moaning the sad demise of such an illustrious brother and we are conveying our heart felt condolences to all of them. We have appended herewith a biographical sketch and Eulogy by Bro. Paul .M. Bessel, a great Masonic Scholar, who had sent the same to Pietre Stones Masonic Group and the same is reproduced with his kind permission. We pray to the G.A.O.T.U to bless our departed brother with everlasting bliss and may his soul rest in Peace.--Moderator]

Biographyical Sketch and Eulogy - Bro. Paul M. Bessel

Dan L Frederick died today. He was one of the most active and
progressive Masons in Washington DC for many years, and he served as
Grand Master in 1999 and Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in 1993.
He was 42 years old and died of pancreatic cancer.

As Grand Master he strongly pushed for mutual recognition with the
Prince Hall Grand Lodge of DC, and he achieved an overwhelming vote for
recognition in May 1999. This was one of his proudest achievements, as
Washington DC became the first jurisdiction south of the historic
Mason-Dixon line to have mutual recognition with Prince Hall Masons.

He also sought and achieved amendment of the charters of Washington DC
lodges that do their work in languages other than English, to permit
them to always use languages and rituals with which they are
comfortable. He also brought about a lowering of the age to petition to
join Washington DC lodges from 21 to 18. He also achieved the chartering
of Massis Lodge, whose goal, achieved this year, was to help form a new
Grand Lodge in Armenia. He also gave dispensations for the formation of
two other new lodges in Washington DC. He also issued an edict, still in
force, encouraging the full and open discussion of all masonic issues,
including proposals for changes in masonic rules and practices.

Most importantly, Danny was always available to any Mason to help in any
way. He seemed to have energy and dedication to do everything. He was,
often at the same time, a Grand Lodge officer, Grand Chapter officer,
Executive officer and Director of Work of the Scottish Rite, an expert
ritualist who helped many lodges with degree work, a line officer in at
least three different lodges, an officer in other bodies such as Royal
Arch Chapters, organizer of the Grand Lodge blood drives, organizer of
the Grand Masters Classes, organizer of Scottish Rite degree work, an
officer in the Conference of Grand Masters of North America, an officer
in the World Conference of Grand Masters, and many other things behind
the scenes. He had also been extremely active in Demolay before becoming
a Mason.

His theme as Grand Master was "Share the Light," and his constant theme
in talks to countless Masonic groups was to embrace change and plan for
it, to help make Freemasonry a force for good long into the future. His
life, as short as it was, exemplified the best of Masonic ideals. He
will be remembered in the history books of Freemasonry as one of the
most forceful and forward looking Masonic leaders of our time.


Paul M. Bessel
Washington DC

Bro. Paul M.Bessel is a distinguished Masonic Scholar and is an authority on Freemasonry.

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