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Article # 276
Prayer at Inauguration of Masonic Retreat

Author: R.W.Bro.Pratapkaran Paul P,S.G.W.    Posted on: Friday, October 3, 2014
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at Yelagiri Masonic Retreat

                                                                                              R.W.Bro. Pratapkaran Paul P.S.G.W            

Almighty and Eternal God, Divine Creator and Architect of The Universe, from whom  all wisdom and  knowledge, emanate, we, the humble dwellers  upon this sublunary abode, most  humbly thank  Thee for having  enabled  us  to assemble here and  for Thine  Divine presence amongst us at this convention and  we, with gratitude and fervency pray, that Thou may be pleased to continue to be with us, guide and lead us, in our united endeavour to learn and  contemplate the High importance of Thy Holy Law, through the understanding and unraveling of the Masonic Mysteries and Teachings.

We humbly beseech Thee to shower a portion of Thine Divine wisdom to enable us to fully comprehend  the invaluable  principles of Moral and Intellectual Truths and Virtues and the straight and undeviating line of conduct laid down by Thee for our pursuit, as well as extensive Masonic Knowledge to guide us  in the path of Glory and Virtue, that we may be worthy of  Thy Grace.

Bless us O Lord, that our deliberations here will be fruitful. Enable us to conduct the Retreat  in ways which will be in the best interests of the spread of Masonic light. Grant us open minds to learn from the Masonic  teachings, which will be presented to us here. Guide us and lead us, that we may be benefitted and acquire knowledge for the greater glory of the Fraternity and the advancement of humanity. Grant us strength and happiness to continue praising and glorifying THY MOST HOLY NAME.

Let us invoke the blessings of the Most High, that out of His unbounded Wisdom and Kindness, He may be pleased to,

Lead us from the Unreality of Transitory Existence to the Reality, of Self,
Lead us from the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Spiritual Knowledge,
Lead us from the Fear of Death to the Knowledge of Immortality.
And grant Peace to the entire Humanity, Thy Children.


The learned Author is a Senior Brother of Lodge Veeraswami (No.200) He is an unassuming Masonic Scholar, who has presented many papers in various Masonic Retreats.

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