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Article # 27
W.Bro.Bruno Gazzo honoured

Author: Moderator    Posted on: Monday, July 15, 2002
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The Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue Forget

Dear Brethren and Sisters,

We are extremely happy to inform all of you that our worthy and distinguished Masonic scholar and writer W.Brother.Bruno Gazzo has been conferred the unique and prestigious honour of election to the August Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget Me Not. It is an honour that is being conferred upon very few brethren in the world in recognition of their services for the cause of spreading Masonic light, education and enlightenment.W. Bro. Bruno Gazzo as the Web Master of the premier and multilingual Web site Pietre Stones Review of Fremasonry and the masonic discussion group psmn is rendering note worthy and admirable service in disseminating useful knowledge. He is at present serialising the classic book of Mackey's History of Freemasonry and the same is made available to all those who seek the same. About 29 chapters out of 44 have been so far released. He works with untiring zeal to spread masonic knowledge. W.Bro.Bruno Gazzo is a registered user of our web site and he is also in our mailing list .It is a joyous occasion to convey our congratulations to him on his well deserved recognition. We are all rejoicing over this honour conferred upon him. on behalf of every one connected with this web site and on my behalf, I congratulate W. Bro.Bruno Gazzo. May the G.A.O.T.U bless him with longevity,robust health and further and greater honours.

We have appended below the citation issued in this regard. .
The Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue Forget-Me-Not
>2 Knockbolt Crescent
>Toronto Ontario Canada M1S 2P6

> " We are pleased to announce that Bro. Harold
>J. Spelman [435] of Illinois and Bro.Bruno Gazzo [436] of Italy has
>been elected to membership in The Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue
>Forget-Me-Not. This is an honor reserved for few with the quarries of
>The Brotherhood was founded to recognize those Freemasons who have
>worked primarily in the field of Masonic education. This includes
>writing and the many other facets that bring light to those who might
>otherwise be left in darkness. Those few selected are teachers who have
>helped members of the Craft become dedicated Master Masons. Only
>recipients who are deemed worthy leaders in this field by the membership
>commission of the Brotherhood are selected for this Award. It cannot be
>solicited, nor can it be purchased.

>The blue forget me not has been chosen as a symbol of Masonic
>dedication, courage and fidelity. This symbol was born in the face of
>Nazi persecution of Freemasonry under the Hitler regime. Although the
>dictator ordered thousands of Freemasons murdered, tortured and
>incarcerated, those who would not renounce the Craft and its teachings
>continued to practice Freemasonry in secret. So they might know one
>another, a little flower was selected as their emblem. Against
>overwhelming odds these men, a scant handful, kept the light of
>Freemasonry burning throughout Nazi darkness. We are proud to perpetuate
>a remembrance of this unselfish dedication.

>This is not a degree; it is not a political award; there will never be a
>plea for a greater membership. There are no dues and fees to be paid by
>anyone. It is in every sense an award for service to Freemasonry and
>thus to our fellow man. Because of its non political objective, and
>because its only members are workers in and for the Craft, many consider
>it the greatest honor one can receive in Freemasonry.
>Nelson King, FPS, SBF
>Executive Secretary
>The Masonic Brotherhood of The Blue Forget-Me-Not."

[ R.W.Bro. R.Ratnaswami - Moderator]

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ashler wrote on Wednesday, August 30, 2006:

Subject: w.b.brunno gazzo

congratulations for the honours conferred on u. v.w.b.harishanker pockyarath

Kim wrote on Tuesday, May 6, 2008:

Subject: Auguri

Auguri al Fratello Gazzo. Sarebbe bello se i Massoni italiani trovassero il modo di unirsi in un unico abbraccio fraterno.

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