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Article # 26
Brotherhood to be in and out of the Lodge

Author: Bro.Honorio P Franca-Jr    Posted on: Wednesday, July 10, 2002
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At first

At first, I am writing what I saw in many Lodges of Brazil, (not all) so I want to ask my Brothers and Sisters.
When we are INSIDE our Lodges, before the work and/or after it, everyone says " My Br.ī.,.... " Laughings, embraces. And when they meet each other in the streets or others places, why many Brothers say only a cold " Good Morning" , "Good night" or something similar. Have you, my Br.ī., seen the same I have? WE MUST BE BROTHERS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OUR LODGES. I heard a phrase : " Many Masons enter in Masonry , but the masonry donīt enter into them" . This is true. Do you agree with me? . If I am right we must think deeply about it and our consciences help us to find a better way for us. An embrace 3x3. HONORIO --Brazil.

Bro.Honorio has drawn our attention to the fact that the brotherhood should also be practiced outside the Lodge as well.In fact, Freemasonry teaches that we should " practice outside the lodge, those duties that are taught in it" Cetainly universal brotherhood is one of the important duties, freemasonry teaches.---Moderator.

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