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Article # 256

Author: Webmaster    Posted on: Monday, December 24, 2012
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Christmas  and  New Year  Greetings.


W.M, Wardens and all the Brethren of  Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge (No.150- Grand Lodge of  India) constituting the Masonic Research Circle maintaining this website greet all the Registered and other Users and convey their Christmas  and New Year Greetings. They are also praying to the Great Architect  to shower His  Choicest Blessings on all the Registered Users as well as on all visiting the website by granting all happiness, good health and all prosperity and further making them much more respectable in life, much more useful to mankind and as  the bright ornaments of this Great Fraternity.

May He grant us the Strength and Wisdom to practice all the tenets and teachings of Freemasonry both within and outside the Lodge and to transmit the same, pure and unsullied to the progeny and May Brotherly Love and Affection, ever distinguish us as Men and Masons.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


R.W.Bro.R.Ratnaswami P.Dy.G.M.



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