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Article # 23
Bouquet and Icon

Author: Bro. Honorio and Sis. Betty    Posted on: Friday, June 28, 2002
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This is the flower Bro.Honorio P.Franca Jr sent from Brazil as a token of his brotherly love. We appreciate the depth of his feelings and we have posted the same, so that whenever we visit the site, it may remind us of the Brotherly Love and affection which should at all times distinguish Freemasons. Bro. Honorio will always be in our thoughts and prayers. May the G.A.T.O.T.U long preserve and protect him.

Betty Langenberg, P.M. Lodge Pythogores, Rotterdam has sent this beautiful icon along with her poem " What is between Masons". The S , Cs, all seeing eye, trowel, the grip and the other objects and the G are very symbolic and we are sure the same will kindle our thoughts.

These flowers sent by Betty show the brotherly love and affection Betty has towards Masons. We are posting the flowers to greet all those who visit the site and to proclaim that just as Masonry is Universal, the Universal Brotherhood will always promote and nurture Brotherly Love and Affection despite the distance, seas or continents that may physically separate them. We are very thankful to these Masons and may their gestures strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

Ratnaswami - Moderator.

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