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Article # 229
Our M.W.Grand Master

Author: Compiled by Webmaster    Posted on: Thursday, February 15, 2007
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Our M.W.Grand Master

M.W.Bro.Justice Devinder Gupta on his installation as the M.W.Grand Master , Grand Lodge of India recently joined the galaxy of the M.W.Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge as the 13 th incumbent. He is the 4 th Chief Justice adorning the High Office of the M.W.Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India. He besides being an outstanding Freemason, with multi facets of greatness, which were noticed even from his student days possesses some rare and great qualities. We have attempted to portray some aspects of his greatness in this small write up.

He was born on 4 th April 1943 in a family of distinguished lawyers. His father late L.Ram Krishan Gupta, was a Senior Advocate and a leader of the Bar in Shimla. He had his schooling in Sanatan Dharam High School, Shimla. Later he joined S.D.Bhargava College, Shimla, in which he was an outstanding student with numerous extra curricular activities. The important being the Mountaineering Club, of which he was a prominent member.

The College won the Punjab University Shooting Competition in 1963-64 and the young Devinder Gupta was a star performer of the Team, which won the said trophy.

Even during College days, he exhibited considerable leadership potential and was highly disciplined, which traits secured for him the highest post of a Senior Under Officer in N.C.C, imparting Military Training to students at College level.

After graduation, he joined the Punjab University Law College, Chandigarh and took the Law degree in 1966, having passed with First Class. Later he was enrolled as an Advocate in March 1967 and commenced his practice under the guidance of his father and still later set up independent practice in Himachal Pradesh High Court, Shimla. He built up a lucrative practice in all branches of law and was elevated as permanent Judge of Himchal Pradesh High Court on June 25, 1990 and was later transferred as Judge, Delhi High Court in 1994. He was appointed as Executive Chairman of Delhi State Legal Services Authority and was looking after Legal Aid Movement in Delhi. He was Acting Chief Justice, Delhi High Court on four different occasions and later assumed the Office of the Chief Justice, High Court of Judicature of Andhra Pradesh in March 2003.

Numerous outstanding Judgments were rendered by him. He ushered in computerisation programme of the Judiciary. He retired from Judiciary on 4 th April 2005.

He was initiated into the mysteries and privileges of Freemasonry on 14th November, 1973, in Lodge Hydaspes No. 4842 E.C., Shimla, in which his father was also a subscribing member. He was installed in the Eastern Chair of that Lodge in 1980 and again in 1989 and was also the Secretary of the Lodge for some time.

He is a Founder Member of Lodge Himparbat No.23, Shimla, and also of Lodges Harballabh No.240, Jalandhar; Raghunathjee No.255, Jammu; Lodge Justice Prakash Narain No.281, New Delhi and Lodge Kinner Kailash No.320, Shimla

He was granted many Ranks and held several active offices in the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India as well as in the Grand Lodge of India. He was appointed and invested as the Grand Registrar in the year 1997 and subsequently he was the President of the Board of General Purposes. He held the Office of Deputy Grand Master in Grand Lodge of India, just prior to his Installation as the M.W.Grand Master. M.W.Bro. Devinder Gupta is the Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Georgia near to the Grand Lodge of India. He held all those posts with dignity and independence.

M.W.Bro.Devinder Gupta was exalted in Chapter Prospect No.54, Shimla , advanced in the Pinnacle Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.10 and elevated in the Sunshine Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.10, Shimla. He had occupied the Eastern Chair in all those degrees. He held the rank of Second Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of India and the rank of Past Senior Grand Warden in the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of India, just prior to his Installation as the M.E.First Grand Principal and M.W.Grand Master respectively.

His services to Freemasonry in general and the Grand Lodge of India in particular were recognized and the then M.W.Grand Master, M.W.Bro.Arun Chintopanth, O.S.M was pleased to award him, the highest award of Order of Service to Masonry on the 14th day of April, 2006 M.W.Bro.Devinder Gupta is a perfect gentleman and a distinguished true Freemason, who has been living as per and practicing all the tenets of Freemasonry. He is very pious and in spite of holding high office of a Justice performed the religious duties in all humility and earnestness.

The picture shows, his donning the prescribed robe along with his two sons at the temple of Saturn, while performing the prescribed worship there.

He is a keen sportsman and is seen in the following photographs as a Cricketeer,

and expert in Rowing .

We have already noticed that he was a Champion in Rifle Shooting.

He is happily married and has been devoted to his family. We find him as a charming bridegroom,

a devoted husband and a caring father.

His is a happy family as seen from the picture.

He has been lending a helping hand to those in distress and his compassion was extended even to animals.

He practices the true tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth wherever he goes. He belongs to a family of Freemasons. His father was first in the family to see the light of Freemasonry. His brother and both his sons are also active freemasons.

Grand Lodge of India has every reason to be proud of being ruled and directed by such a distinguished brother. His speeches will be posted as and when the same are available. expresses its grateful thanks for his kind permission to post this and his speeches and prays to the G.A.O.T.U to bless him and his family with good health, great longevity and all prosperity and happiness.

We close this article with our request to him,

Lead kindly Light,
Lead us thou on

Compiled by Webmaster

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Bro.Jogani wrote on Thursday, February 15, 2007:

Subject: Know our beloved Grand Master

The article gives us the picture of his early life and we Brethren feel proud to know the achievements of our Beloved Grand Master during his past. Congratulations Web Master. From: W.Bro. Mahendra Jogani, Chennai.

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