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Article # 22
Masons-who are we for our families

Author: Bro. Honorio P. Franca Jr.    Posted on: Tuesday, June 25, 2002
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This little story is to us

[ Bro.Honorio P.Franca Jr has sent this story outlining the qualities of an ideal freemason. ]

This little story is to us, I read and I am sending it to you:

Do mother, explain to me, with plenty clarity, what is Freemason?
What care does give you in that, my son?
My father is Freemason, and fair that I know! -

The mother, with great tenderness and
affection made him to sit down by her
side and she began to narrate the true description:

"Freemason, my dear son, is a well educated man, man of good conduct, that doesn't allow no bad passion to vibrate in his heart,
that it doesn't also admit that in his brain is at least born an injustice idea or of cruelty, that always seeks the truth and, for his conduct or honesty, an example is shown
In any cause, he acts fair
He considers the home, a Temple.
He is a specialist that doesn't get tired of learning, he respects all opinions.
He is against to all oppressions, to the humble, he gives his hand.
He executes the duties of the home, preserve as material virtue, the charity.
He hates the evil, it is always ready to run in defense of the virtue, aids the old ones and he gives piece of advice to the youths.
He forgives every offense, his great work, is to reach the man's perfection, that spite of all of the scruples, nobody exempts of defects.
In any way, my son, I believe that I defined the personality of a Freemason, because, I drew you your father's picture.

The boy, kissing his mother, grateful, he whispered in her ear:


Bro.Honorio P. Franca Jr has sent this article, which clearly depicts the qualities of an ideal Freemason and the impression he makes on his family as a Mason. The acquisition of all those qualities will certainly make our brethren proclaim " Brother, we are proud of you ". Let us endeavour to be the ornaments of the Great Fraternity to which we have the proud privilege to belong. [ Moderator]

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