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Article # 193
Homage to the Distinguished Freemason R.W.Bro.Subbarao Chinthopanth P.Dy.G.M.

Author: Webmaster    Posted on: Tuesday, March 28, 2006
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A Homage to the distinguished Freemason  R



A Homage to the distinguished Freemason  R.W. Bro. S.Chintopanth, P.Dy.G.M.

It is with a deep sense of sorrow and a heavy heart, that we post this Masonic News about the very great loss sustained by the Grand Lodge of India in general and the Masonic Fraternity of Bangalore in particular, in the sad demise on the night of 12 th February 2006, of a very distinguished and illustrious Freemason, R.W.Bro Subbarao Chinthopanth ,  P.Dy.G.M, who in obedience to the call of the G.A.O.T.U, laid down his working tools and ascended the Grand Lodge Above, where the world’s Great Architect resides and reigns forever. The end was peaceful. He retired after his night prayers  to bed and the Lord was pleased to take him, while he was sleeping.

  The noble Brother was born in Bangalore on 20th August 1916, in a distinguished family of the erstwhile Mysore State.  After scholastic Education in Bangalore, he graduated in Industrial Chemistry from the Benaras Hindu University in 1939, specializing in Ceramics and served as a Ceramist in Government Porcelain Factory, Bangalore, under the erstwhile Mysore State Government, in which he had a distinguished service record and was held in great esteem.

  He saw the light of Freemasonry, when he was initiated in Lodge Bangalore (No.1043 E.C), now 15 G.L.I, on 11th November 1958. He was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on 12th May 1959. Commencing as a Steward of the Lodge in 1960, he served the Lodge with distinction in the various offices, in which he was appointed and ultimately rising to eminence by merit, he was chosen by the brethren of the Lodge, to occupy the coveted Eastern Chair, in which, he was installed in February 1971,as the Ruler of the Lodge, which post he held with distinction and won the admiration of all the brethren in Bangalore as well as of the Region. Subsequently, for 15 long years, from February 1978 to February 1994, he served the Lodge as its Secretary and thereafter as one of the Bearers of the Vs.S.L.  

  His first appointment as an officer of the Regional Grand Lodge was in 1974, when the rank of  P.R.G. Steward was conferred on him. Subsequently after periodic and regular promotions, he was appointed as the Assistant Regional Grand Master for two consecutive years in 1986-87 and 1987-88 and then was elevated to the post of Active Deputy Regional Grand Master in 1988.

  Twice he was appointed as the Chairman of the Committee for the Ritual Working Competition in the Region. During his Chairmanship, he ushered in many beneficial changes including the awarding of Merit Certificates to deserving Master Masons, for their excellence in the Ritual Working, granting them recognition and to boost up their enthusiasm.  He served the Regional Board of General Purposes as one of its members for a long  time

  The first Grand Rank was conferred on him in 1982 as a Past Grand Inner Guard. Recognizing his services to Freemasonry, numerous promotions were conferred on him. Whatever was the post, either as an Active or a Past officer, he held, he served with dignity and devotion establishing the fact, the merit had always been his title to the ranks and privileges conferred on him and that on him, nothing was undeservedly bestowed. The highest rank of Past Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India was conferred on him in 2005.

Royal Arch :  He was exalted on 28 th August 1960 in Chapter “Eureka” No.1043 E.C, which is now No.6 of the Supreme Grand Chapter of India, in which he was  Installed as “Z” in 1972.  He was installed as the R.G. II Principal in 1988 and as Past II Grand Principal in 2001. He was Member of the Boards of both Regional and Supreme Grand Chapters.

Mark and RAM:  He was Advanced in the Mark Degree in the 1960 and slowly rose up to the Rank of Past Deputy Regional Grand Mark Master and of Junior Grand Warden in the Grand Mark Lodge.

He was Elevated in RAM Lodge “Antiquity” No.4 G.M.I on 14th April 1961, RAM officer’s Ranks both in the Regional and Grand Mark Lodges were conferred on him.

Lodge Bangalore  Free Masons Hall Trust was founded mostly due to his initiative and he was one of its Founder Members. He was its Secretary for many years.  He continued as a member of that “Trust” till his last days. He joined the “Bangalore Freemasons’ Society in the year 1985 and was the Chairman of the Society.

R.W.Bro.S.Chintopanth instituted an Award through the Regional Grand Lodge of South India for “The Best Mason for the year” in Bangalore, in 1996 and it continues to be awarded as the Annual Investiture Meetings of Regional Grand Lodge.  He had also instituted two awards for the “Best Attendance of a M.M” in Lodge Bangalore 15. Those awards are being presented annually. 

On 10th January 1994 R.W.Bro. S.Chintopanth was appointed by the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Tasmania (Australia) as its Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of India, which office he held until his demise. He was the Grand Representative of Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Mark Daheto (USA), to the Supreme Grand Chapter of India.

R.W.Bro.S.Chintopanth initiated his son Arun Chintopanth  in Lodge Bangalore and  later Installed him as its Master in February 1982 and this worthy son of the distinguished father is the present  M.W.Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India.

He also initiated his grand son Bro.Abhay L.Panth in Lodge Bangalore on 13th May 1999.

He had taken great interest in Freemasonry until he ascended the Grand Lodge above on 12th February 2006. He was an elderly brother, who was very kind to all the brethren and his pleasant smile always exuded brotherly affection and love. His services to Freemasonry were invaluable and note worthy and he has left an indelible impression in all our hearts. His demise had left a great irreparable void, but his services and achievements will forever be remembered. I am reminded of the following lines of  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

                                   " Lives of great men all remind us

                                    We can make our lives sublime,

                                    And, departing, leave behind us

                                    Foot prints on the sands of time.


                                    Foot prints, that  perhaps another,

                                    Sailing  o'er  life's solemn main,

                                    A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,

                                    Seeing, shall take heart again."

The greatest homage that can ever be paid to such a noble and distinguished  brother is to emulate him and adopt all his noble qualities and follow his foot steps.

We are all praying to the G.A.O.T.U to bless him with everlasting peace and to grant to all the members of his family strength to bear the loss.



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G_N_Singhal wrote on Thursday, October 19, 2006:

Subject: Homage

I join other brethren in paying my respectful homage to the great mason!

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