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Article # 19
Honorio's Poem

Author: Bro. Honorio P. Franca (Brazil)    Posted on: Wednesday, June 19, 2002
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Before you, the love was already.
After you, the love will be.
That, because the Love is God in everything.
Live, like this, the life, loving her to understand her.

To live and to love...
To love and to understand...
To understand and to live abundantly...
Angles of an alone truth - the Eternal Life.

However, to live without loving is to breathe without worthy work; to want with stunning exclusivism to contemplate situations and circumstances with apriorisms that generate the illness and the death.
If you know, therefore, what is to live, why doesn't live?
Only lives really who loves.
Only loves indeed who acts for the good of all.
Only acts, without a doubt, for the good of all, who understands that the love is the base of the own life.
Out of that truth, there are also movement and shadow action that it will turn unfortunately to the light in certain cycles of cry, probation and martyrdom.

New, always the Law, that works compassionate, but relentless, returning to each sowing the right crop.
Command the embarkation of your destiny and don't attribute to somebody else the mistakes that your hands come to commit.
From you depends the own trip.
Instruct you, without trying to hide, before the own conscience, the lacks that you throw the soul to the I disenchant or to the offence of the own needs of the spirit.
Although the night involves you the step, encourage, inside the being, the eternal day of the faith.
Don't trust to the flavor of the no surveillance so that the no surveillance doesn't drag you the existence to the flavor of the suffering.

Before us, the Universe was the Shrine of Glory Divine
Let us remember, because, that God created us to increase him/her the greatness.
Let us don't reduce Him/her the splendor, cultivating the darkness...
We will deceive the form.
We will never deceive the life that beats, triumphant, in us same.
Learn how to look for that that you lack in the own improvement, before somebody teaches at affliction price.
Look for the itinerary exact, before other if they offer you in the day of your disturbance, for guides of your pain.

Force is Power. Idea is force.
But only the love conditions the power for the victory of the light.
Love the road. Walk and win.
Write down your movements today, in the rhythm of the work and of the prayer, and the tomorrow will appear with shine always new.
Smile at the throws most difficult of the highway and the close and remote panoramas will be unsealed smiling to your soul.

Don't stop except to redo the tormented breath.
Beyond, it is the destiny highway.
Don't listen the murmur of the shadows except to help the victims of the evil, so that the deceiving wailings of the thick fog don't anesthetize you the elevation pulse.
The fraternity will be him/her angel sentry among the swamps of the bitterness.
Sing the poem of the charity, be where it goes, and the creatures as sisters and brothers, still same when handcuffed to the crime, they will answer you with love refrains.
Keep compassion and the peace will be your sweet prize.

Exemplify the faith that honors you the intelligence and the world will bless you all of the words.
Start every day in the service that competes you and the duty accomplished straight will maintain you, invariably, in the luminous morning of the life. Before aiding you, aid those that, from a lot, they sigh for the crumb of his/her help.
Before our will, the will of the Lord.
Before the good for us, the very necessary to the other ones.
Be for you the justice that observes and corrects and be for the day brother the kindness that helps and it always absolves.

Above all, keep the certainty that the love is framed in the humility that never hurts.
You put in last place and the life will take charge of his/her own defense in any part.
Still even with sacrifice, under bile rains and slander screams, income daily your cult to the love and the love in the own life will shine in your soul, converting it in star for endless Glory.

Bro.Honorio P.Franca Jr (M.M from Brazil) is no stranger to us. His beautiful article "The stranger", which was posted in our site some time ago, was very much appreciated by all. The poem extolling the virtue of Love is timely. The postulate that there is divinity in all human beings and that by extending Love to a fellow human being, we are actually Loving God, if properly understood and propagated will wipe out hatred, that threatens to engulf the world. We are thankful to the author for the lovely poem. He has not been keeping good health. May, I request you all to kindly pray for his early and complete recovery. R.W.Bro.Ratnaswami--Moderator.

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