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Article # 186
A New Beginning

Author: Culled by webmaster    Posted on: Sunday, January 15, 2006
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A New Beginning

M.W. Bro. Fabio Venzi, Grand Master, The Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, in his address at the First Communication of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, held in Rome on June 25, 2005 had made an important announcement and probably made history in the appointment of the Grand Chaplain of that Grand Lodge. The following is the relevant portion of his address and as the same is an extremely important step, a new beginning in the right direction, it is necessary to quote the same in extenso.

I would like to finish my address appointing a Grand Officer who

will probably remain not only in the history of Italian Freemasonry

but also in the history of the world's Freemasonry and I do not think

I am wrong. The Grand Officer I am appointing as Grand Chaplain

is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church and once again I say

of the Roman Catholic Church”.

This welcome step in the right direction by a Grand Lodge situate in Italy assumes considerable importance, because Italy predominantly has a large Roman Catholic population and the Roman Catholic Church has not been very favourably disposed towards Freemasonry, but was rather hostile. This aspect was also dealt with by the M.W.Brother and he has observed as follows.

“I would like to finish my address going briefly back on the

relationship between Freemasonry and Catholic Church. If

we examine the documents at our disposal and if we make

an excursus on the contrasts and on the assumed incompatibility

between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry, we have the

impression to find ourselves in the presence of a disquieting comedy

of errors”.

” The documents of the Holy See are often based on Masonic

realities that we consider "Irregular", therefore not representative

of the real Masonic tradition. Which are the rituals examined and

considered paradigmatic of the Masonic thought are not exactly

known, but this does not seem a question of minor importance,

since we know that the rituals can substantially change from Body to

Body. In the first chapter of the book "Freemasonry", by

Zbigniew Suchecki, Professor at the Pontificia Università

Lateranense, book published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana,

we read: "During the past century, the Grand Orient of France and

the Grand Orient of Italy were among the most anticlerical Masonic

Bodies in the world". We hope that in the future those Bodies that

historically represent the Anglo-Saxon Masonic Tradition will be

chosen as a paradigm”.

“ On the other hand, when a slight opening has been made, this

opening has not been conducted with intelligence and common

sense. I am referring to the Canone 2335 of the Canon Law

Code of 1917 which, under this Canone, had imposed a sanction

only on Catholics who were enrolled as members of associations


that is "plot against the Church".

“ Both the Italian Masonic Bodies and some Masonic scholars organic

to such Bodies have coarsely managed this opening, so that the

Bodies took the opportunity to crow over the presumed obscurantism

of some leading exponents of the Catholic Church. And the Catholic

Church punctually took a step backwards”.

”In my next address I shall list the documents at our disposal and I

shall show how, in my humble opinion, perspectives for future

approaches are really possible. We have always referred to the Holy See

with great respect even naming a Lodge Enea Silvio Piccolomini,

that is Pope Pio II. And this happened whilst some brethren

where studying Renaissance history. This is the only case in the

history of Freemasonry”.

Ordained priests and persons trained in Religious preaching are well suited to the Office of Chaplain, particularly that of the Grand Chaplain. There are thus two advantages. One is the advantage referred to above. The other is that the Grand Chaplain can personally convince the Church, that Freemasonry is not anti Church, anti God or devil worshippers and dispel the incorrect views and notions about Freemasonry, that had arisen due to ignorance and misdirection.

This is a good and welcome gesture and let us all hope that the same will pave the way for harmonious and cordial relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry, besides dispelling the incorrect opinions and views about Freemasonry, which the Roman Catholic Church has been holding, enabling millions of Catholics to join this great institution and fraternity of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of men.


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G_N_Singhal wrote on Thursday, October 19, 2006:

Subject: A New Beginning

Yes, it is decidedly a new beginning. Freemasonry is not alien to men of any faith or religion, though it is not open to atheists. Hence any misconception on this count needs to be corrected.

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