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Article # 176
The Old Master's Wages

Author: M.W.Bro.Neil Neddermeyer and Bro.Owen Lorion.    Posted on: Friday, November 18, 2005
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[ M.W.Bro.Neil Neddermeyer is P.M.W.G.M of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. His poem "The Old Master's Wages" has been acclaimed as a thought provoking masterpiece. The poem has been published in many websites. The learned author is the publisher of the Masonic Newsletter "Cinosam". He has in the recent edition of "Cinosam", published the second poem "An Old Mason's Thanksgiving Thoughts" by Bro. Owen Lorion, who has composed the poem on November 24 th 2004. We are thankful to M.W.Bro. Neil Neddermeyer for his gracious permission to post the poems in this website. Please read on . . . .]



The Old Masters Wagesí
by M.W.Bro. Neil Neddermeyer

I meet a dear old man today
Who wore a Masonic pin,
It was old and faded like the man
Its edges were worn quite thin

I approached the park bench where he sat
To give the old brother his do
I said, "I see youíve traveled east"
He said, "I have, have you?"

I said, I have and in my day
Before the all seeing sun
I played in the rubble with Jubala
Jubilo, and Jubalum.

He shouted, donít laugh at the work my boy
Itís good and it's sweet and it's true
And if youíve traveled as you said
You should give these things a due.

The word, the sign, the token,
The sweet Masonic prayer,
The vow that all have taken
Who have climbed the inner stair.

The wages of a Mason
are never paid in gold
but the gain comes from contentment
When youíre weak and growing old.

You see Iíve carried my obligations
For almost fifty years
It has helped me through the hardships
and the failures full of tears.

 Iím now losing my mind and my body
Death is near but I donít despair
Iíve lived my life upon the level
And Iím die upon the square.

Sometimes the greatest lessons
Are those that are learned anew
And the old man in the park today
Has changed my point of view.

To all Masonic brothers
The only secret is to care
May you live upon the level.
May you part upon the square.



  An Old Mason's Thanksgiving Thoughts

      by Bro. Owen Lorion


Today's a day when we'll feast till we burst

On turkey and fixings and all that good stuff

But today, my dear Master, I want to say first

That I know that my thanks will not be enough.


Along with the laughter, I've had many tears

On the this journey through life to my doddering age

And yet I am thankful I've had many more years

Than the young men sacrificed to war's rage.


I'm thankful for the gift of unlimited wealth,

(Though not happy with my bank account's pressure).

For the greatest of riches are outside my self

Family, Lodge mates and friends are the treasure.

I'm thankful I'm good-looking without being vain!

You laugh at me, handsome or humble?

Yet each line has a history of laughter or pain;

If I didn't look like me, then I'd grumble.


I'm thankful for faith which is there to sustain

When life's hardships get rough and adversity riles

That could I but view the Great Trestleboard's pane

The Architect's plan is to make use of these trials.


This is a start, though there's more I could say

Except that it's time to go get my plate full.

I'm glad that once more it's Thanksgiving Day,

'Cause I cherish the chance to list why I'm so grateful.



M.W.Bro.Neil Neddermeyer, is M.W. P.G.M of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. He is a retired Detective and a Private Investigator. He is senior Freemason of several decades standing. He has been visiting numerous lodges and is working hard in the area of Lodge Revitalization. He is a great Masonic Scholar and Poet and has given outstanding presentations in Educational Lodge # 1002 and in numerous other Lodges and Grand Lodges. His services as the President of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Masonic Foundation, Vice Chairman of the Masonic Renewal Committee, consisting of the Masonic Leaders of North America, were commendable. As the Director of Fraternal Operations, in which capacity he had visited many Lodges and had assisted them and advised and supported District Representatives and Area Deputy Grand Masters and had evaluated the various programmes of the Grand Lodge. He has also been managing many special projects assigned by the M.W.Grand Master. He is the publisher of the Masonic Newsletter ďCinosamĒ, which contains several illuminating and instructive articles on Freemasonry. We are very thankful to this great Masonic Scholar and Poet for his gracious permission to post these Masonic Poems in this website.

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EricFoster42 wrote on Sunday, April 27, 2008:

Subject: Old Masters Wages

a very inspiring poem. However I need some help. Can someone explain the sentence "I played in the rubble with Jubala Jubilo and Jubilum".

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