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Article # 169
Ten Master Masons

Author: Unknown    Posted on: Friday, September 23, 2005
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[ This beautiful piece was posted by Bro. Uwe PM in one of the premier Masonic Lists and he was kind enough to permit us to post the same in our website. This piece emphasizes our duty to the lodge, particularly the aspect as to what we can do to the Lodge, rather than concentrating as to what the lodge should to do us. Brethren, we are all in the fraternity as some good brother shared it with us. We should consider it our sacred duty to share the fraternity with good and eligible persons. No institution can last long unless there is some growth. It is an old adage that anything, which stagnates will decay. Freemasonry cannot be an exception. May be we can boast for sometime that our aim is to not to put more men in Masonry, but to put more Masonry in men. There has to be men to put masonry in them. In these days of considerable fall in the membership in Masonry in several countries, it is imperative that, we arrest the fall in membership and bring in fresh blood to sustain the fraternity. This piece clearly portrays how freemasons loose interest for even trivial reasons and how even a small number of brethren with a sense of dedication can strengthen the Lodge and beautify it. Let us share the fraternity with eligible persons and serve the cause of Freemasonry. Please read on . . . . . . ]

Author Unknown

Ten Master Masons, happy, doing fine;
One listened to a rumor, then there were nine.

Nine Master Masons, faithful, never late;
One didn't like the "Master," then there were eight.

Eight Master Masons, on their way to heaven;
One joined too many clubs, then there were seven.

Seven Master Masons, life dealt some hard licks;
One grew discouraged, then there were six.

Six Master Masons, all very much alive;
One lost his interest, then there were five.

Five Master Masons, wishing there were more;
Got into a great dispute, then there were four.

Four Master Masons, busy as could be;
One didn't like the programs, then there were three.

Three Master Masons, was one of them you?
One grew tired of all the work, then there were two.

Two Master Masons with so much to be done;
One said "What's the use," then there was one.

One Master Mason, found a brother -- true!
Brought him to the Lodge, then there were two.

Two Master Masons didn't find work a bore;
Each brought another, then there were four.

Four Master Masons saved their Lodges fate;
By showing others kindness, then there were eight.

Eight Master Masons, loving their Lodges bright sheen;
Talked so much about it, they soon counted sixteen.

Sixteen Master Masons, to their obligations true;
Were pleased when their number went to thirty-two.

So we can't put our troubles at the Lodges door;
It's our fault for harming the Lodge we adore.

Don't fuss about the programs or the "Master" in the East;
Keep your obligation by serving even the very least.

Author Unknown. We are very thankful to Bro.Uwe PM, for permitting us to post this in our website

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