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Article # 128
Freemasonry as I see it

Author: Bro. Lokesh Ramani    Posted on: Saturday, November 6, 2004
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[ This is an article by the youngest M.M, the third generation Freemason, who was initiated as a Lewis about his perceptions of Freemasonry. His flair for literary essays  has  produced this beautiful article. We are confident that he will evolve as a good Masonic scholar]



Freemasonry as I See it

By Bro. Lokesh Ramani

 If I remember right, It was sometime in May, just before my University Examination, I was trying hard to make my oxygen deprived gray cells understand a thing or two about electromagnetic theory. Pushing harder despite the sluggishness that was setting in, I was constantly disturbed by a faint mumbling which apparently resonated from somewhere well within my humble abode. Curious, I tried to trace the source and what I saw surprised me. My father was making a conscious effort to memorize lines from a small black book. Intrigued, like just any other son, my interrogations began and just like any other mason true to the craft, he disclosed information that was I entitled to know but obviously not to my entire satisfaction. All I could understand was that he belonged to an organization called “Freemasonry”. My imagination raced to all bounds and wondered if I could call it a cult. So wrong wasn’t I?

 Precisely two years later, I stood in front of the mirror clad in a newly stitched black suit, as a shy, nervous Entered Apprentice freemason. Thus began my progress in the world of freemasonry. The craft, Rituals, Signs, Token words, right now I stand as a proud master mason and indeed freemasonry has taught me numerous valuable lessons.

 I would define freemasonry as a fraternity of men bound together by vows of morality in public and private life, who believe in god and the constitutional rights of members to free choice of religion and political ideology. A progressive society in which each and every brethren makes a solemn effort to spread the basic tenets of freemasonry – Brotherly love, Relief and Truth. Masonry strives to make good men better. It teaches the brethren to be better than themselves. The basic tenets clearly demonstrate the purpose of the brotherhood. Through the improvement and strengthening the character of the brethren, Freemasonry seeks to improve the community.

 Employing the working tools of a stone mason as symbols of basic moral values, Masonic ritual dramatizes a philosophy of life based on morality. The relationship between Man and the Great Architect of the Universe increases the realization of a relationship between the extremely small and the extremely large, between the microcosm and the macrocosm. The bond of faith and confidence among masons is largely the result of the common knowledge that all, having experienced the memorable rituals, accept the high ethical standards as a guide to their conduct. The Masonic ritual has certainly been one of the most moving experiences in my life till now.

 Freemasonry necessitates its brethren to indulge in philanthropy in whatever small way possible. Organizing blood donation camps, free eye checkups for the poor, feeding the needy, are few instances that I can recollect which my lodge has been practicing. A common trait that can be noticed among masons is that, masons are quick to assist their fellows in misfortune with encouragement, kindness and tangible assistance. Ending the meetings with the National Anthem, rising a toast to the President of the Nation reiterates the fact that freemasonry breeds it brethren to be highly patriotic individuals.

 To conclude, I see freemasonry as a means to develop a way of life. To call it a secret society would be a flaw. It is a well-known, nation wide fraternity founded on the basic principles of love, charity and truth whose members proudly declare their association. I hope to master the craft and involve in several more years of enriching experience in this fraternity. I am convinced that freemasonry will continue to have a positive impact in my life and connections.





The author is the son of W.Bro.L.Ramani, I.P.M of The Mount Lodge (No.14).He is the third generation Freemason in his family and was initiated as a Lewis. He is an Engineer by profession. His maiden effort at a Masonic article deserves praise. We entertain no doubt that in due time he will be good Masonic Scholar and writer.

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