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Article # 10
The Stranger

Author: Bro.Honorio Pires Franca Jr    Posted on: Sunday, June 16, 2002
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The Stranger

The stranger

In the beginning of the third millennium, except for rare exceptions, we will find the man positioned physics, intellectual and mentally, in a routine in the most several sections of activities, looking for his material well-being intensely.

In labour time, the day-to-day of most of the men turns and they are guided for the larger purpose of guaranteeing good dwelling, automobile, money in bank and respect in the community where he lives, and looking for space in the social chronicles.

Absolutely we do not intend to affirm that enjoying of a good " social status " is something condemnable. No! the man came to this planet to sow and to pick. And all the material goods of the planet are placed at your disposal. Our G.'.A.'.O.'.U.'. wants this way.

In the great majority of the cases, the search of this " status ", and the fight for the wealth and the prestige, the man forget the spiritual development.

It is important, because, that all we know how to find a formula, that allows to escape of that constituted route of professional work, financial concern and conquest of spaces in the social columns. The man that wants to progress in relation to his spiritual development - and mainly the Freemanson - he needs to know that the baggage for the Great Trip is not the same that is taken when we travel (business and tourism). It is necessary we have this in mind! Not just in some moments of reflection, but in every minute of the day. It can happen during the day; ... who knows ?, during the night, or during our work, in a difficult or unexpected moment. It would happen when we are alone or accompanied; cheerful or sad; rich or poor. This encounter would be this way:

He saw me, all of a sudden, in an immense and unknown compartment. Colored walls of violet and with such intense vibration, that he could feel in the surrounding atmosphere, almost that the bright of thousands of fine multicolored rays. All of a sudden, he foresaw the presence of somebody. He was a stranger and said to me that I should travel:

- Prepare the suitcase!... Ė said the stranger.

Although stunned by the new situation and same confused and without could ratiocinate right, as a robot, the man began to join everything he had and he could take with him. The stranger observed the important man's of business. He opened the suitcase with an almost automatic gesture, and he began to join his things: clothes, books, trophies, shoes, diplomas and so much other things. Silente, the stranger just observed. And, the man went placing more things in the suitcase: an album of pictures - where there were his memories; old girlfriends' pictures; business card of his great circle of friendships, etc,etc. - Ah! And his checkbooks! How can he forget them. And his credit cards! He placed them in the internal pocket of the white clothes, close to his personal documents and money. For an instant, he lifted his eyes and he saw the stranger that continued in his side, looking at the whole scene. The stranger smiled, shook his head and he said:

- In this trip you don't need anything of this. The superfluous should be taken away, just take what is really important. The man revealed surprise and he said:

- But how? Clothes, money, footwears, documents, checks, is nothing of this important? I am not understanding!

- Itís true - said the stranger - you said it very well. In this trip that you will make, nothing of this it is important. And verifying the man's surprised glance, the stranger continued speaking calm and peacefully. And he said this is a different trip. We donít know when it would be, the man should already go getting ready from now on. And it could not take things that didn't go really important and necessary. His voice continued peacefully:

- You won't need to hide the nakedness of your body. You won't need books to read, therefore nothing else you can learn in the books that you have. Your shoes won't work, because you won't walk more in the earth nor you will step more the ground. Your trophies and your medals won't have any where value you are going to. Nor either diplomas will be you asked. Your pictures wonít have meainigs for you and another will be your memories. You should forget conquests without purpose, and the checks of all the banks of the universe will at least buy a rustic bank where you can sit down. To where you are going, your money doesnít have any worth!

- But my clothes of high value? My " smoking "? My white triplet that so much taste? - he asked the man.

- Nothing . You should not worry about the whiteness of your clothes, but with the whiteness of your soul, the white purity that should dress your spirit...

In this height of the dialogue, the man felt to involve for a breeze of gold light that arrived to them, without he could notice from where. Then the man began to remove all those things of the suitcase, and soon was empty.

- And the suitcase? - he thought, asking soon after. - In spite of you have said to arrange the suitcase, itís empty, without reason of being and without purpose. What did want to say when you ordered that I arranged the suitcase?

- When I ordered to arrange you the suitcase, you didn't understand me! I referred the one that you gathered everything of pure and of good that your spirit, in the depth of your heart. I asked you to join the gestures of love that you practiced here; all the fraternal love that offered to your siblings; the hunger that you helped to mitigate, the thirst that you satiated, the body of somebody that you wrapped up; the word that you uttered to educate, to teach, to guide, to illuminate and to protect. This, just this, is the baggage that you should gather. This suitcase that is in your side, doesn't have any value The suitcase that I ordered you to arrange , is the suitcase of the heart and of the mind.

In the bright of an instant, in a relance the man understood that the trip that should do would be for besides the material world. He would go to the skies, or who knows, it would go down to the hells. It would arise to the stars, in a fatal encounter with the angels who carriers of the scale of the Law and, then, who knows where it would stop. In our Father's House or in the abysmal profundities of the darkness and of the fear.

- Then, my trip is now. - he spoke. The perspiration slid for his forehead His voice was hoarse. The throat was dry. He said:

- Will I die!?

The stranger smiled and he answered tranquilizing the man:

- Not! Your trip is not now. But it can be next minute, in a few days, perhaps weeks, who knows? In any years? But take my advice: donít arrange your baggage in the minute previous of the departure. No! You should take care of your goods (if you have some!) now. Prepare in advance. You cannot know when it will arrive the moment of the sky to open up and the angels' trumpets announce that your trip is beginning. Don't travel naked and without anything.. If you hear the trumpets now and the angels call your name, would you have ready the baggage for the Great Trip?

The author was initiated 14 years ago in Brazil and has been a M.M for 13 years.He is a great Masonic scholar and writer.He has admirably summed up in this parable the important teachings of freemasonry.The article reminds us that the GAOTU, having defined for our instruction the limits of good and evil, will reward or punish us as we have obeyed or disregarded His Divine Commands and that if we act as per the laws of our Divine Creator,when we shall be summoned from this sublunary abode, we may ascend to the G.L above, where the world's Great Architect lives and reigns for ever.Let us therefore perform our allotted tasks, while it is yet day and acquire that whiteness of soul, which should characterise all Freemasons,bearing in mind that even when we were admitted in freemasonry, we were clothed in white, symbolically to represent purity of heart, mind and soul.We are thankful to the author. R.W.Bro.Ratnaswami Moderator

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Bro.D.Seshaasai wrote on Tuesday, June 4, 2002:

Subject: The Stranger-no longer

I congratulate Bro.Honorio on the extremely well written parable. He has brought out the essence of the teaching of all religions that neither wealth nor power can accompany the soul, but that the beauty of the soul depends on the good deeds done, the pure life lived and the piety and obedience to the Divine injunctions. Bro.Honorio, God will always be with you for your noble thoughts. Bro.D.Seshaasai

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