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The Grand Lodge Of India was consecrated on 24th November 1961 by the United Grand Lodge of England, Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Ireland with 145 Lodges being the Foundation Lodges. Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge was consecrated in Bangalore on 9th November 1962.The Lodge was meeting in Thanjavur upto 1993. A good number of the brethren had by that time migrated to Chennai. The lodge was then permitted to hold 5 meetings in Chennai and 6 meetings in Thanjavur. Later, the Lodge was completely shifted to Chennai in 1999. At present, the Lodge is meeting regularly in Chennai.

Many brethren of the Lodge evinced a keen interest in Masonic Education and Research. Various papers had been - from time to time - presented on Masonic Symbolism and History. Many brethren of the Lodge had been participating and presenting papers in various Masonic Seminars. Brahadeeswara Lodge Research Circle was inaugurated in 2001 and the Circle has decided that it should maintain a website for Masonic Research and endeavour to prepare and publish a new and comprehensive Masonic Encyclopaedia with the participation of Brethren from the other parts of the globe as well.

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